Our best pool sold everywhere in Europe is made of steel and crystal. It is wide and it has a comfortable access with a door.


So it is comfortable for everyone, young people, olds or people with motor problems. You can enter the pool through a treadmill or a carpet that takes you inside (you can find all the carpets).

In our pools you won’t find steps or stairs where you can find difficulties so you won’t have any problems and you can move and walk inside easily.

With an easy button the cold or warm water comes to the pool, which will be fool in a short time; in the meantime you can start your first movements in the water.

Underwater there is a treadmill with a variable speed; is  joint to big waterjets and it can be used by athletes of every level but also by disable people with motor dysfunctionalities.

This is comfortable even for the therapist, who can easily help you inside the water you and show you the exercises.


This system is useful for every type of problem, from the spine to the joints, to the muscles. Everyone will be surprised by the excellent results end the speed of recovering.

The effort underwater is huge, almost double as usual, and added to the resistance of the water, the toning is assured.

All these benefits just with the most natural element, the water.

SEE TUB mod. 1269 New BATHTUB RACE 2

Moreover you can make your training more efficient by filming yourself during the exercises, to improve your posture and learn from your mistakes. This method is particularly useful in the gyms or training centres, also for walk re-education and muscle toning.

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