A treadmill is like a belt conveyor and it can be moved by an electric motor or a rechargeable battery. On the floor can be also used the push one or the one  with the flywheel; underwater electricity has to be eliminated.

    See data sheet <= Prices dimensions deliveries  Treadmill 

     See data sheet <= Prices dimensions deliveries  Treadmill 


There are also treadmills with and hydro motor but they don’t have ease of use and installation so they didn’t catch on.  15 years of treadmills and hydrobike building with Idroterapia.it  allowed many swimmimgpools in Italy and in Europe to take advantages from our products, particularly appreciate for the ease of use, efficiency and the good price!


Our supply consists of treadmills and hydrobikes in 22 colours always at your disposal. No one can offer more types of them; the various colours  give vibrancy to the water.

Every treadmill, even the cheapest ones, is fitted with shock absorbers through which micro trauma are avoided. In fact running on the roads or on walking paths it’s very dangerous for legs and foot joints.

So think about running underwater, with a lower weight and sometimes water jets which slow you down and make resistance. The underwater run is not just a trend or a news, it is the most efficacious method to obtain high results. Underwater you spend more energies and make more effort to do every movement, so it is a good method to lose weight and tone up your muscles.


Elastics and ties help you to hold on and your posture. The energy consumption will depend on the body mass of the person, on the level of the water and on the slope of the treadmill.

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