Brand new SUN TREADMILL , combines innovation , design , functionality and practicality . Unique for stability and fluidity of the tape ( double layer thermal waters or for prolonged periods in water ) , is designed with shell and part polyethylene made in a single mold .


code IDR.P 0012

material stainless steel 316 + Polyethylene

Overall height ( open ) 135 x 82 x 153 cm

Overall height ( closed ) 40 x 82 x 135 cm

Depth of use from 100 to 140 cm

Inclination 13 °

Weight 28 kg

Treadmill in mechanical operation .

The patient walks on a continuous strip of rubber which moves on rollers 25 of special steel . Dimensions: Length : 155cm , width : 65cm , height : 135cm , weight 60 kg .

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