Do you want to lose weight? Do it in water

It has been demonstrated that with only 30 minutes of exercises and movements underwater you can lose 3 centimeters on the thighs and buttocks.

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Lose weight naturally and with durable results, which can be seen alredy from the first exercise day.

To achive better results hydrobike is what you need.

Look for centres and gyms close to you and start immediately.

Here you can find some specialized centres where these techniques are used with success since a long time. Here you can find the description under every aspect, technical, physical and economical.


In the last years are born a lot of these centers all around Europe, where physiotherapy and gym are made in water to use its beneficial effects.


WWW.WATERBIKE.FR            Marsiglia

WWW. BALNEOBIKE.CH       Losanna

Also in Italy it is just born in Milan

WWW. ACQUAGO.IT a very fitted centre with personal pools, offered in franchising too

You can immediately feel the effects of riding underwater, you will feel light and motivated.

Moreover the ACQUAGO center is in a perfect location, Porta Garibaldi, and inside you will find 5 pools with hydrobikes.

You enter the pool alredy with the swimsuit and then in few minuted the pool will be filled with water between 27 and 30 degrees.

What you can do now is just ride your hydrobike and thanks to the waterjets all around you, you will lose cetimeters on your legs and buttocks.

You can also buy subscription of 10/20 entrances to save money.

In London became famous a steel and crystal poll, bigger.



It is called hydrobike the bike to ride underwater. By riding underwater you add the benefits of riding to the resistance of the water, with very good results for your body.


Every water sport make you more resistant and powerful thanks to the pressure of the water and the flotation. Trauma and accidents are impossible because the body weight is less and the body floats in the water. Moreover the energy and calories consumption is much higher because of the resistance of the water that makes every movement harder. In fact swimming is one of the most complete and efficient sport for the human body. The massage of the water will also guarantee a better blood circulation. Hydrobike, if used in group and maybe with music, it is perfect for a fitness session. Our hydrobikes can be used in the our last pool – see image – becoming therefore personal machines that can be fitted in also in single or double hydro cabins. The hydrobike in the personal cabin can have hydromassages adjustable to every every part of the body. Also the temperature of the water is adjustable, following the directions of specialists and physiotherapists. The access to the pool is free, without stairs and with handles that help you. Every specialized centre have computers to overlook the duration and the intensity of the exercises, and you can also watch the videos of you making the exercises to make them better and correct the mistakes. You can have access to the data base even after long time to oversee your path with the therapist. We build since 15 steel inox 316 hydrobikes, projected by Massimiliano Fella, – see and therefore we have a prefect level of quality and price. Hydrobikes can be found in more than 1000 centres in Italy and Europe. France, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain and Austria love our products since a long time. We are constantly in evolution and we are investing in research for new and better products.




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