Hydrobike is the underwater bike. Riding underwater you can join together the big effort due to the resistance of the water and the absence of stresses on ankles and knees.

           <= See data sheet  Prices dimensions deliveries aqua bike 

        <= See data sheet  Prices dimensions deliveries  aqua bike 

        <= See data sheet  Prices dimensions deliveries  aqua bike 


All the water sports contribute to improve the physical attitude thanks to the absence of gravity and to the flotation. Through the underwater walk or ride you will consume more energies and accelerate the metabolism without stress your joints; in fact swimming is one of the most indicated sport to improve your health. Moreover the massage of the water have positive effect on the blood circulation.

Hydrobike is perfect to be used in groups because, if added to music and group motivation, it will be stronger. Our Hydrobike can be but inside our last tub, so becoming personal machines that can be installed in single or double tub. The one in the single tub has waterjets that improve the massage, good to lose weight in a short time.

There are also computers to overlook your training and your progresses; these can be controlled also after a long time by your therapist to overlook your  training path.

We build aquabike made of stainless steel 316 since 15 years, drawn by Massimiliano Fella (see Idroterapia.it), therefore we have excellent levels of quality and price.

Our idrobike can be found in more than 1000  italian centres, swimming pool and in Europe as well. France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland love our products since a long time.

We can offer a wide range of product, new or second handed and we also offer an help for every hydro reparation.

We are always busy and constantly in evolution to improve our products, in collaboration with our clients and friends.

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