Pilates is a fitness discipline that became popular some years ago. Now it is transferred in the water to have even better results on your body and on your mind. In fact pilates involves every muscle of the body and also your mind, which has to be very concentrated to maintain the position.

In the water the movements of the muscles are four times harder than on the land, so you will work more with beneficial effect for your body line and your weight. Moreover the water works as a massage on your skin, which will reduce cellulite and will give tone to your skin.

The exercises in water have also a beneficial effect for the micro circulation and so they can reduce the swelling of the legs and the feet. It is good for everyone, even for the people with motor problems, for example after an operation or an accident, or obese. In fact in the water our body is lighter and we don’t perceive the fatigue, and this allows everyone to make this kind of exercises. The temperature of the water, normally around 22 degrees, has a toning and refreshing effect on our skin.

The pilates exercises made underwater are harder but you don’t feel them hard, so this is a good way to lose weight and make exercises, even for lazy people or old people.

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