In the field of hydrotherapy you can find a variety of exercises with the aim of treating back pain. In fact, aquatic physiotherapy is more suitable in this case than the training out of water, as the latter could intensify the stress on vertebrae and prove counterproductive. In water instead, the weight of the body is reduced, up to 90% when the immersion reaches the level of shoulders, and this property allows a safer training while performing exercises for back pain, as it implies that the weight on joints and vertebrae is minor.

Moreover, the pain is eased in water since the body receives a continuous massage, because of the pressure of water every times it moves.

Hydrotherapy provides a variety of exercises for back pain.

The ideal training consists of an alternation of swimming and gymnastics in water; at the beginning it would be appropriate to ask for some professional guidance, as it is fundamental to perform the exercises correctly. As regards swimming, crawl and backstroke are the most suitable kind of training. In the field of gymnastics in water instead, stretching, walk and weight lifting fit perfectly in the category of exercises for back pain. Anyway, the warming up phase is essential and it should not be skipped.

Accelerate the rehabilitation phase

Moreover, hydrotherapy can also be useful in the stage after a back surgery, in order to accelerate the rehabilitation phase. Clearly, especially in this case, the training must be carried out following medical indications, in order to avoid further damage.

In aquatic physiotherapy, there are different levels of difficulty: for this reason this kind of training proves suitable for people of all ages and all physical conditions.

If carried out steadily, preferably three times a week, exercises for back pain in water have great benefits, as they reinforce the muscles of this area and eases the pain.

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