Studies have shown that the movement in the water during pregnancy reduce the anxiety, insomnia and helps to better live. Also to lay in the water have a lot of advantages, in fact the water has a kind of massage effect on the human body, therefore it stimulates the blood circulation; moreover, if the water is cold, or better to say colder than the body temperature, it stimulates the micro circulation, which causes a burn of calories because the body has to regulate the inner temperature.

If you move in the water, you of course burn calories due to the movement, even harder because of the density of the water, but you also make the massage of water stronger. Moreover underwater you fell your weight 7% less than the weight perceived on heart, and this allows pregnant women to move and practise sport, impossible outside because of the added weight of the baby. In the water the movements are soft and light, they don’t stress the joints or cause trauma on the baby: every move is cushioned by the density of the water. In addition, the slowness to make the move prevent any wrong movement that can cause muscle tears.

The better way to make sport in water is to follow an acquagym curse, where you can apply the typical movements of the gym, but in the water. So you can do exercises that helps your back, which have to support the fetus, and also the legs and the arms. These curses are funny, you can put together the beneficial effects of the water to the fun of staying with other pregnant women and share information and advises.

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