The hydrotherapy presents a great variety of advantages; among them, an important result is definitely the draining effect.

Water is an incredible element, which we can use to obtain many different benefits: drinking a lot of it, for example, allows the body to eliminate slags and to rehydrate the cells. In this way, water proves to be useful to detoxify the body. However, drinking water is not the only method that we can use: in fact, also the outdoor use of water can be worthwhile, providing many advantages including a valid draining effect.

The temperature of water

The temperature of water is an important aspect in aquatic physiotherapy, because the properties of hydrotherapy are based not only on its mechanical effects, but also on its thermal ones. For example, the two types of stimulation, hot and cold, can be used alternately when the aim is to reinforce veins and capillaries.

When the water of the pool is hot, it results in the dilatation of blood vessels and the improvement of the blood circulation. The outcome is the draining of toxins.

However, the elimination of toxins is even more intense with the use of cold water and the consequent contraction of blood vessels, because the blood circulation accelerates.

Hydrotherapy and well-being

In the water, the body undergoes a continuous massage and for this reason, the hydrotherapy promotes the general well-being. The aquatic physiotherapy leads to benefits such as the reduction of water retention (and of linked aesthetic blemishes such as cellulite), the improvement of the general appearance of the skin, that becomes smooth and toned, and of the functioning of the circulatory system (and consequently problems like varicose veins), and finally the elimination of the swelling and heaviness sensations.

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