The variety of benefits in water is great. Aquatic physiotherapy is suitable for people of all ages and of all weights, as it reduces the risks and efforts implied in training out of water.

In fact, hydrotherapy is less aggressive towards joints and bones in comparison with dry workout, as the weight of the body is reduced in water.

Moreover, the degree of difficulty can be established on the basis of individual capacities.

The improvement of the blood circulation

One of the benefits in water is certainly the improvement of the blood circulation and consequently of problems linked to a bad circulation, such as cellulitis, venous insufficiency, swelling and a feeling of heaviness. In fact, hydrotherapy provides a valid draining effect.

The exercises in water that can be suitable to solve this kind of problems are swimming, aerobics, walking and pedalling.

The physical appearance

Other benefits in water are the ones regarding the physical appearance, such as the toning and firming of the entire body, in particular hips, abdomen and legs.

Hydrotherapy is also perfect for people whose aim is the weight loss, as it implies a great consumption of calories.

Furthermore, aquatic physiotherapy also allows the training of muscle elasticity and physical resistance, the improvement in case of inflammation and it is particularly suitable for sport rehabilitation and in the stages before and after a surgery.

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