The resistance of the water has excellent results on the body wealth and blood circulation.

A bad blood circulation makes you feel bad: heaviness, swelling and tingling because of venous disorders. In a non-optimal circulation it is associated with other problems such as the formation of visible capillaries, cellulite, and dangerous disease like venous insufficiency.

Benefits in water

There are a lot of factors that cause venous problems, and often these disease are caused by more than one factor. Usually the problems and the probability to suffer of these problem increase with the age.

Motor activity underwater is one of the best solution for venous problems that all the therapists and doctors  advise. Acquagym, hydrobike, walking are funny and make you feel better having fun. The movement underwater in fact helps the blood circulation and lympathic circulation, acting on the factors caused by a bad circulation like cellulite, varicose venis and the sense of swelling and heaviness of the legs.

Benefits for the blood circulation

The activities underwater don’t stress the body junks so these kind of exercises are good for everyone, also for overweight people or old people. Thanks to the toning action of the water we can immediately feel the results. Moreover, by helping the health of your body you can also lose weight on tone up thanks to the resistance of the water than makes every movement harder, making us spending more energies and calories.

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