We produce and resell water tanks and accessories for wellness .

Aquatic Physiotherapy and rehabilitation hydrokinetic
Recover with water and natural therapies suitable for everyone , for every age, men, women, children and pets as well.
Hydro bike and aquatic treadmill, if used regularly and joined to whirlpool, are particularly helpful to cure and prevent problems and pains in every body part, from legs to hips, abdomen and spine; in addition they are useful to contrast female blemishes, acting against cellulite and overweight.
It is indicated for patients who are recovering from surgeries or who are suffering from physical disabilities, coordination balance, intensive training and sport muscle tone.

Hydrotherapy bathtub, to walk and to ride in the water, and whirlpool are fundamental instruments for every physiotherapist to undertake the rehabilitation path of the patients.
The whole pool with a huge entrance consists of a frame in stainless steel AISI 304/316 and electro layered crystals of 20 mm. The whirlpool is countercurrent and may be offered two types of treadmills, push treadmill or 24 volt battery.

Products for rehabilitation , physiotherapy , hydrokinetic and wellness .

The pool can contain almost 2000 liters of water, so it is very capacious. Moreover the water can be adjusted to the most suitable temperature.
This pool joins together the benefits which derive from the motor and muscular activity under water and the powerful massages coming from the whirlpool. If you add to this our hydro bike or treadmill, you have a complete and functional system of water drainage, which is the best solution for the motor rehabilitation.
Doctors, physiotherapists, clinics and disable institutes have appreciate in many occasions our equipment, its quality and ease of use and efficiency.
What we are offering is a revolutionary draining and bracing system which, by simply walking or riding in the water, fights against cellulite and overweight with excellent results.
Under the water the body weight is less than on heart, and this allows you not to overload the foot, ankles and knees joints, thus facilitating the recovery process and rehabilitation time.


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